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Apocaps CXE International Apoptogen Formula for Dogs (90 capsules)

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The award-winning dog supplement trusted by veterinarians and dog lovers around the world, Apocaps®, is now formulated for international distribution. Apcoaps CXE has been approved by Health Canada along with other leading regulatory agencies.

Apocaps uses pure, 100% human-grade, all-natural active ingredients and helps dogs of all ages by assisting in the process of apoptosis, a natural biological process in the body.

Apoptosis is a normal and desirable function that is built into the DNA of all living things. Apoptosis, commonly known as “cell suicide”, works by breaking up cells that need to be eliminated in order to promote normal health.

Due to many reasons, apoptosis genes can stop working and will allow cells to live beyond their normal lifespan. When this happens, the body can use a boost. Several plants have naturally occurring molecules which support apoptosis when they are introduced into the living body. These plants are the subject of cutting-edge research in laboratories worldwide.


  1. Apocaps is the one and only apoptosis formula available specifically for dogs.
  2. Many of the plant-based ingredients found in Apocaps, would need to be eaten in such large quantities that the extract form is much easier to administer and thus preferable.
  3. All active ingredients found in Apocaps are all-natural, 100% human grade.
  4. Developed by a top veterinarian specifically for use in his own canine patients.
  5. With Apocaps you know you are receiving extraordinary quality at extraordinary value.
  6. Sourcing each of the ingredients found in Apocaps separately would be costly and time consuming, the extracted pill form is convenient and easy to administer.
  7. Apocaps is made in the USA and developed and packaged in a FDA approved laboratory located in the US.

Dr. Dressler's Dosing Guidelines